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What to Expect During Your Burn Clinic Visit

The child life specialists at Children's Mercy help children cope with the feelings they may have about their illness, injury, disability, or hospitalization. They have created the guide below to help your child prepare and understand what to expect when they come to the Burn Clinic for treatment.

You will be coming to Children's Mercy Burn Clinic to help your burn get better.

Hall leading to the Burn Clinic at Children's Mercy.


First, you will pick some things to help you relax while you are here.

Girl looking at poster with child life specialist to pick some things to help her relax during burn treatment.


Next, a child life specialist or nurse will help you learn how they will help your burn get better.

Then, you will stand on the scale for us to measure your weight.

Girl standing on a scale at the Burn Clinic.


Next, you will sit on the bed in the room. Your family can sit with you on the bed or be next to you.

Girl sitting on a hospital bed while a child life specialist relaxes her with an iPad and a nurse cleans the girl's burn.

Then, the nurse will take off your bandages and look at your skin where you were burned. They will clean your skin with soap and water.

You can let the staff know how you are feeling and ask them questions. You can also pick what to do while your burn is being cleaned. Some ideas are to play with a toy, look at a book, or play on an iPad.



You might need new bandages to help your burn keep getting better.

Close-up of a girl's hand wrapped in bandages.


You may also meet an occupational therapist or physical therapist during your visit. They will teach you how to do exercises to help your skin get better.

When you are all done with your burn treatment, you can pick a prize from the Burn Clinic's treasure tower.

Girl with bandaged hand picking a prize at the Burn Clinic's treasure tower.