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Prospective Studies in Progress Prospective Evaluation of Attenuated Blunt Solid Organ Injury in Children

St. Peter, Shawn; Sharp, Susan W.; Snyder, Charles L.; Sharp, Ronald J.; Andrews, Walter S.; Murphy, Patrick J.; Islam, Saleem; Holcomb III, George W.; Ostlie Daniel J. "Prospective Validation of an Abbreviated Bedrest Protocol in the Management of Blunt Spleen and liver Injury in Children." Journl of Pediatric Surgery. 46, (2011): 173-177.

The current management for blunt spleen/liver injury in children is based upon a retrospective review of a large trauma database with no prospectively evaluated data points. 

Historically, a child that sustains a blunt injury to these organs that is admitted to Children's Mercy Kansas City spent two-to-six days in the hospital at bed rest, with a subsequent six-to-eight weeks of activity restriction, depending on the degree of injury (Grades 1-4).

We have retrospectively reviewed our experience and question this length of bed rest and hospitalization. Therefore, in this prospective consecutive series, we are monitoring patients for one night with Grade 1 or 2 injuries and two nights for Grade 3 to 5 injuries.

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