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The Amputation and Limb Differences Clinic helps children from birth to 21 years with amputations and limb differences whether congenital or acquired. Our philosophy is to encourage self-confidence and maximize function and independence in every aspect of daily life, while meeting the goals of the child and family.

Our clinic is affiliated with the Association of Children’s Prosthetic Orthotic Clinics (ACPOC). This organization is recognized as the worldwide leader of multidisciplinary rehabilitative care of children and adolescents with amputations.

We hold limb differences clinic the second and fourth Friday mornings of the month on the first floor in the Special Care Clinic.

What to expect at your visit

Your child will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary team including pediatric rehabilitation physicians, nurse practitioners, a physical therapist and/or an occupational therapist and prosthetists, and orthopedic surgeons.

At your visit children and families will learn about prosthetic management options and developmental skills that provides the best function within the home and community. Environmental adaptation, recreational options, and equipment needs are explored. If your child has a particular skill they want to learn, let us know as we love coming up with solutions to allow children to participate in every interest they have.

Treatment options

  • Rehabilitation consult services including physical and/or occupational therapy

  • A full spectrum of prosthetics orthotic options are available, including myoelectric arms 3-D printed hand and prosthetic components for upper and lower extremity needs

  • Surgery consult evaluation with orthopedics

  • Referral to genetics are made based on each child to need

  • Camps and sports program recommendations are available

Prosthetic options

Our team makes prosthetic recommendations based on the child’s age, individual development and both child and family’s functional goals. Some children prefer to not use prosthesis especially when the arm is involved. Our goal is to facilitate the best function in daily life with or without a prosthesis.

Contact information

To schedule an appointment or if you have questions please contact Jenni Woodke in the Rehabilitation Medicine office at (816) 234-3970.

Referrals for an appointment can be faxed the Rehabilitation Medicine office at (816) 302-9734.