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ApiFix Surgery for Scoliosis

ApiFix is a minimally invasive surgical approach to correct spinal curvature in young people with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. It is a rod that gradually expands as your child’s spine grows to help straighten the curve. ApiFix is effective for children who have a curve with a Cobb angle of 35 to 60 degrees and have not yet completed bone growth.

Leading edge surgeons with excellent outcomes

Children’s Mercy was the third hospital in the U.S. to successfully perform a surgical correction using ApiFix. We are able to achieve excellent outcomes with a smaller incision, shorter surgery, and fewer recovery days in the hospital with this new non-fusion spinal device.

The ApiFix device received FDA approval to be offered by a limited number of surgeons as a humanitarian use exemption. The Spine Care team at Children's Mercy has received specific training approved by the FDA and the device manufacturer to offer this new scoliosis correction system.

What to expect from ApiFix surgery


Children's Mercy is an American College of Surgeons Verified Center

Your child’s surgeon inserts the ApiFix device through a small opening in their back. Unlike many other types of spinal correction surgeries, the ApiFix only needs to connect to the spine in three places: two at the top and one at the bottom of the spinal curve. The device operates by distraction, which means gentle stretching of the spine. Once it is in place, your child will not usually need additional surgery.

Benefits of ApiFix

The ApiFix device offers a much better range of motion for children who still have not completed bone growth. Your orthopedic surgeon can determine your child’s growth status using x-rays and other indicators.

Young people with an ApiFix device can enjoy much greater freedom of movement. Follow-up appointments with your child’s surgeon are mainly to monitor growth and address any questions you have. The surgeon does not need to do anything to lengthen or adjust the device—it naturally expands with your child’s growth.

X-ray of curved spine before ApiFix placement
Scoliosis patient before ApiFix placement
X-ray of spine after ApiFix placement
Scoliosis patient after ApiFix placement

Comprehensive spine care

Children’s Mercy provides a complete range of orthopedic care for children of all ages. Explore the options for spine care at Children’s Mercy.