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The iSpine Clinic is for children 10 years and older who are referred for an orthopedic consultation for their spinal curvature.

Your iSpine Clinic care team

The clinic is staffed by orthopedic advanced practice providers with many years of experience in the pediatric orthopedic field, specifically in spine deformity. These practitioners work closely with our spine surgeons and may prescribe bracing, physical therapy, further imaging and follow up care based on your child's diagnosis. Your provider will work closely with spine surgeons and collaborate on a course of treatment if your child may need surgery in the future.

What to expect at the scoliosis evaluation clinic

At your first visit to this clinic, your child will undergo a full history and physical examination. Full spine x-rays, x-rays of the elbow and hand are all expertly performed during these visits.

Our orthopedic advanced practice providers then develop an individualized plan of care for your child. We might recommend treatments such as:

  • Ongoing observation to see how your child's curve progresses or changes over time
  • Initiation of non-surgical treatments, such as bracing or physical therapy
  • Continued follow up with the spine team