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If your teenager is struggling with depression and/or anxiety, our intake team can help determine if treatment through the Depression and Anxiety in Youth (DAY) Clinic is a good fit. This evidence-based clinic specializes in treating adolescents who:

  • Are 12-17 years old
  • Have (or are suspected to have) depression
  • Have (or are suspected to have) anxiety

Expert care, based on evidence 

In the DAY Clinic, experts from psychology, psychiatry, social work and nursing collaborate to lessen patients’ symptoms and strengthen their coping skills. The clinic is co-led by Clinical Psychologist Sarah Beals-Erickson, PhD, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Ram Chettiar. At the clinic, your teenager will experience:

  • Team-based, collaborative care using proven methods, including: CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), and mindfulness approaches.
  • Outpatient, medium-term treatment: Your adolescent will be seen for visits in our clinic with a frequency to suit their individual needs and with a goal of symptom improvement and stability over the span of 9-12 months.
  • Group and individual therapy.
  • Medication management.
  • Thoughtful, coordinated plans to transition your teen to long-term support from their primary care physicians and/or other mental health providers after clinic graduation. 

What to expect at the Depression and Anxiety in Youth Clinic


  1. During your first call, our intake team will ask you a series of questions to help determine whether the DAY Clinic is a good fit for your teenager's needs. The DAY Clinic only treats depression and anxiety. If your teenager has additional concerns, the team may direct you to programs or resources that would be more helpful. 

  2. If the DAY Clinic is the right solution for your teenager, we’ll schedule an initial visit with one of our clinicians. That first visit will include a diagnostic interview and assessment measures so our team can create the best possible treatment plan for your teenager.

  3. Your teenager's treatment plan may include group therapy, individual therapy, and/or medication management, or other recommendations, depending on their needs. Treatment plans last 9 to 12 months, and all treatment is outpatient (your teenager will visit the clinic during the day, not stay overnight in the hospital).

  4. Your family will work with the DAY Clinic’s team to coordinate a plan for long-term mental health care after your teenager has completed DAY Clinic treatment. We will make sure your teenager has continued support through a primary care physician, mental health provider and/or other community resources as appropriate. 

Depression and anxiety resources for families:

Get help now: Call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room if your child is making suicidal threats or actions.
If your child is feeling suicidal but not in a crisis right now: Call or text 988. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English and Spanish and is free and confidential.

Contact us

If you think your teenager would benefit from DAY Clinic treatment, please call Developmental and Behavioral Health at (816) 234-3674.   

Here’s how our scheduling process works