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Outpatient clinical psychology services focus on evaluation and treatment of complex mental and behavioral health concerns. In most cases, we see children who have mental health needs that require additional support beyond the scope of their primary care provider or school district.

Conditions we treat

  • Combined attention, learning and mood (anxiety/depression) concerns.
  • Complex developmental and behavior concerns at home or school.

Services we offer

  • Psychological assessment and evaluation.
  • Recommendations for additional therapy and intervention services.
  • Parent training opportunities.

What to expect during your visit to the Outpatient Psychology Clinic

Before your appointment

We ask you to fill out a set of forms before we schedule your first appointment so that we can be sure that our clinic is the right fit for your child’s needs.

For school-aged children, these forms may include information from their teachers and any support staff on their team. If your child has an existing individualized education plan (IEP) or 504 plan through your school district, we request that you include a copy of this document in order for us to determine which provider or team will best meet your needs and what services are most appropriate.

We often ask parents or the child’s primary caregivers to fill out rating scales and questionnaires. This information helps us get a clearer picture of your family’s day-to-day life and what challenges or concerns you are currently experiencing with your child.

Your first appointment

During your child’s initial evaluation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with the psychology provider or team and develop a working treatment plan. Your first appointment can last from one to three hours, so please come prepared to help your child stay occupied during periods of waiting.

Sometimes, we meet with parents and children separately, depending on your child’s age and needs. If you have a young child, if possible, it may be helpful to bring another adult to supervise them during the parent portion of the interview.

Appointments may be in-person, telehealth (online), or a combination of methods. While testing and assessment must be completed in person, in some cases we can gather preliminary information and have follow-up discussions via telehealth.

Follow-up care

We take a team approach to your child’s ongoing care. Our psychologists will partner with your child’s school, primary care provider, or other caregivers to facilitate ongoing care. We may also refer your child to community providers for additional treatment or access to other resources.