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Developmental and Behavioral Health Videos

Educational videos for patients and families

Deep clean technology devices to promote mindful use

Tips for modifying technology devices to make technology use more meaningful and to avoid technology use-related problems.

Caring for physical health is important for mental health

Helpful information about how caring for our physical health connects to our mental health.

Nutrition Matters for Mental Health

Learn how what we eat and drink connects to mental health, with a few healthy eating tips.

Healthy relationships: Building blocks for friendship, intimacy, and self-care

Learn how to recognize health in all sorts of relationships and encourage children, teens and parents to set healthy boundaries for long-term mental health.

How to improve your child’s sleep by creating a great bedroom environment

Sleep has such a significant impact on a child’s mental and physical health, and good sleep starts with creating a good sleep environment. Here are some easy- to-implement tips to make that happen.

How Children and Adolescents Can Use Exercise to Improve Mental Health

Regular physical activity has been shown to improve both physical and mental health in youth. It can sometimes feel impossible to get children the right amount of exercise, but there are a variety of simple strategies to make it happen.

Coping Skills

Learn about different coping skills to help keep your body calm when you feel worried or stressed.