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Making an Appointment with Developmental and Behavioral Health (Text Only)

There are several steps between your initial phone call and first appointment in a Developmental & Behavioral Health clinic at Children’s Mercy. Here is an example of what a typical scheduling process looks like:

  1. Call (816) 234-3674. Select “new patient.”

  2. Children’s Mercy sends you a link by email to complete a screening form.

  3. Complete the screening form and return to Children’s Mercy.

  4. Children’s Mercy reviews your screening form to determine the appropriate services for your child. We may contact you to:
    1. Recommend services within the community
    2. Obtain more detailed information about your child’s medical history, school situation and symptoms
    3. Notify you that you’re on the wait list for an appointment with us

  5. Some clinics (the Autism Diagnostic Evaluation and Outpatient Psychology Clinics) require you to return additional paperwork before you're scheduled for an appointment.

    For all other clinics, we will schedule you as soon as a spot is available and you can return the additional paperwork we've requested anytime before your appointment.

  6. Visit to find out what to expect the day of your appointment.

  7. Children’s Mercy will call you a few days before your appointment to preregister for your visit.

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