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Who We Are

Ijon, a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children's Mercy.

Ijon's story

I was a collegiate athlete and student at the University of Central Missouri, then later attended Avila University, where I pursued a career in nursing. I chose this field because someone close to me had experienced the loss of a baby and I wanted to make a difference in the lives of neonates that have a fighting chance. I am now a Neonatal Intensive Care Staff Nurse at Children’s Mercy. I came back to work at CM because of the great experience I had here during clinical rotations, and I knew that it had the top NICU in the area. I love working with a care team dedicated to our smallest patients – and there is so much gratification in witnessing a baby who gets to go home! To all the nursing students out there who are just beginning their journey, hold onto that dream and “be bold, be brave, be you!”

Ijon, ICU Nurse

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A woman wearing a hijab and a surgical mask stands with arms crossed in a hospital hallway.

Zainab’s story

When I began to explore careers, I wasn’t sure where I’d land. While in college, I took an “Introduction to Health Care” course and the day my professor presented on Respiratory Therapy I thought – “that’s me!” My journey as an RT has just begun but I love what I do. It’s a gift to be a part of a health care team that works to improve the lives of children. Each day brings a new challenge whether it’s helping a child breathe easier, cope with a chronic illness or working alongside a dedicated team to provide the best care to a patient on a ventilator. This job continues to offer me opportunities to learn and grow and I find blessings every day in the work that I do at Children’s Mercy.

Zainab, Respiratory Therapist