Completed Prospective Studies Prospective Randomized Trial: Pain Management Strategy after Pectus Excavatum Repair

This is a single institution, prospective, randomized clinical trial comparing pain management strategies for patients who undergo the minimally invasive repair of a pectus excavatum deformity (Nuss operation).

One-hundred ten patients will be randomized in this definitive study. One group will undergo an attempt at epidural regional analgesia (epidural) for postoperative pain control. The other group will receive patient-controlled intravenous systemic analgesia (PCA) with continuous infusion and on-demand boluses.

Our retrospective data (J Pediatr Surg 43:79-82, 2008) suggest that each method holds potential advantages. Thus, this trial will define which method is more efficacious to apply to this population. The primary endpoint is length of postoperative hospitalization following the Nuss operation.

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