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Transition to Adulthood Resources

Our transition policy

Helpful tips for transition


  • Practice three sentences that describe your health condition. 

  • Carry the names and phone numbers of your doctors, medical conditions, medicines and allergies with you. MyHealth Passport, a resource that can help you keep all of this information in one place, can be found on pages 12-13 of the All About Me booklet (Todo sobre mí).

  • If you have very complex medical needs, ask your doctor to fill out a Pediatric Emergency Form that you can use if you need urgent or emergency care from someone other than your regular doctor.

  • If you need more information about your specific medical condition, ask your medical team or go to the webpage for the Children's Mercy clinic where you are seen.

  • Parents Offering Parent Support (POPS) is a network of parent volunteers who mentor other parents through the challenges of their child's health condition.

All About Me

All About Me is a booklet of tips and tools to help you prepare to transition to adult health care. You can download the booklet in English and Spanish, or ask for a copy from your doctor:

Video resources



Community resources

Learn about community resources in your area:

Beacon Program resources for the community

The Beacon Program at Children’s Mercy provides a pediatric medical home for hundreds of children with medical complexity and their siblings. The staff at the Beacon Program have collected a range of resources to help families find extended support within the community. These resources provide useful tips and information about technology, community assistance, food services, mental health and more:

Other resources

Take a look at these helpful websites for more information about preparing for transition: