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Transition to Adulthood Conference

The Transition to Adulthood Program at Children's Mercy hosts an annual Transition Conference to support patients and families as they navigate transition.

Upcoming events

Transition to Adulthood Conference Fall 2024

More information to come.

Past Events

On June 12, 2021, the Transition to Adulthood Program at Children’s Mercy offered a free virtual conference to help teens, young adults and their parents/caregivers prepare for adulthood with different learning tracks for both.

Growing up and becoming young adults means taking steps to learn how to manage your life and your health. It takes preparation and self-advocacy. When you have a chronic condition, a disability or special medical needs, it becomes more complex.

Watch the 11 Transition to Adulthood Conference videos below to learn how other young adults and their parents navigated the journey.

Transition Conference Welcome Message

Transition Conference Keynote "Envisioning Your Good Life and Good Health" with Sheli Reynolds, PhD

ABLE Accounts

I am Losing My Insurance – what can I do? with Kim Bowls and Joya Harris

Panel discussion for parents: What I Know Now that I Wish I Knew Then

Panel discussion: Pediatric and Adult Providers

Skills Training

Supported Decision Making and Guardianship

Panel discussion: Transition to College Away From Home

Tips on Managing Mental Health

SSI and SSDI - How and When to Apply

#Adulting - Teaching Life Skills Now for Transition to Adulthood Tomorrow


Job Accommodations, Career Exploration & Disclosure of Disability in the Workplace


On June 10, 2023, the Transition to Adulthood Program at Children's Mercy hosted an in-person conference to support families of patients 12+ as they prepare for adulthood. This educational conference focused on the medically complex young adult and their family system as they navigate the medical, social and legal aspects of transition.

Introduction and Welcome 


Guardianship and Supported Decision Making

Services to Help Student's Reach Their Good Life-Planning for Life After High School Utilizing IEP

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care

Self-Care for the Caregiver 

End of the Day and Closing

Missouri Waiver Deep Dive (PowerPoint) 

Kansas Waiver Deep Dive (PowerPoint)

SSI/SSDI (PowerPoint)

Housing Support as Young Adults Age