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Adult Volunteer

Pause on volunteer applications

We are currently switching to a new and improved volunteer database! During this time, we are pausing the acceptance of volunteer applications.

We hope to have the new system up and running by May. Please check back near the end of April or the beginning of May to see if applications are open.   

In the meantime, please consider other ways to give:

Our adult volunteers work in sensitive situations around patients and families during their most difficult times. That means our volunteers must meet certain requirements and follow specific procedures before joining the team.

Please ensure you meet the following requirements before submitting a volunteer interest form.

Age: Adult volunteers are over the age of 18 and have graduated high school. If you are a college student enrolled in courses, you may apply as an adult volunteer if you can meet the time commitment below.

Time commitment: We ask volunteers to commit to a weekly three-hour assignment and for at least 6 consecutive months. *Please note that we do allow a leave of absence for 1-3 months for things such as travel or medical needs.

Health and background clearance: The health and safety of our patients and their families is paramount, so you’ll be required to pass a background check, complete a health form and obtain any necessary vaccinations, including but not limited to flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Performance standards: You are prepared to abide by all of our hospital’s policies, including all patient confidentiality rules and customer service expectations.

Steps to become a volunteer:

  1. Submit a volunteer application.

  2. Complete the online consent form in the notification email you receive after filling out the volunteer application.

  3. Submit a health form, immunization record and proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

  4. Complete an online background check.

  5. Interview with a volunteer coordinator.

  6. Attend an in-person orientation.

  7. Get started!

Volunteer opportunities

All of our volunteer opportunities help ensure every patient, family and visitor has a positive experience while at Children’s Mercy. Each unique role is equally important in our mission to transform the lives of children we care for.

Three Children's Mercy volunteers smiling behind the Guest Services desk at Children's Mercy Adele Hall.

Guest services and hospitality roles

Help make every visitor feel welcome and ensure they have the most comfortable visit possible from the moment they arrive.

A Children's Mercy adult volunteer visit's a patient in her hospital room with a facility dog.

Outpatient roles

Engage in fun activities with patients and their families to help pass time in the waiting room area, as well as support other important duties in clinic and patient resource areas. 

Inpatient roles

Provide much needed support to the parents and patients spending time at Children’s Mercy through daytime and evening activities that help promote a positive experience during a difficult time.

Have questions about being a hospital adult volunteer?

Read our hospital volunteer FAQ for more information on becoming a volunteer at Children's Mercy.