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Group Volunteers

Bring your group together to help kids receiving care at Children’s Mercy!


Your company or community group can make a big difference for kids and families by volunteering for just a few hours!

Every group plays a vital role in providing comfort for patients, relief for parents and a positive experience for visitors.

Working together, you can improve the experience of those receiving care by signing up for a fun, rewarding one-time volunteer opportunity at Children’s Mercy.

Explore hospital volunteer opportunities for corporate and community groups


Every volunteer group has the opportunity to make a significant difference for the kids receiving care at Children’s Mercy and their families. Each unique opportunity is equally important to our mission to transform the lives of children in need.


Get your group involved in helping kids at Children’s Mercy


To ensure you select the most appropriate volunteer opportunity for your group — one that makes the greatest difference for those in need — there’s a simple application process we ask you to follow. 

Connecting with the kids

Recently, about 40 employees in our very own Children’s Mercy Human Resources department stepped out of their offices and into the hospital to spend time with some of the brave, resilient children in our care. For team members who don’t typically spend face-to-face time with patients, this was a great way to remind them that what they do every day makes a difference.

Organize a group