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What is kyphosis?

When the trunk is viewed from the side, the back of the upper chest area has a normal rounded appearance called kyphosis. When this curve becomes excessive, it is referred to as "roundback" or "hyperkyphosis". Some roundback deformities are related to posture and excessive weight. Attention to posture, exercises for core strengthening (abdominal and back exercises), hamstring stretches, and weight management may improve this condition.

Other types of kyphosis

A small percentage of adolescents with kyphosis have a condition called Scheuermann's kyphosis which is more difficult to treat than postural kyphosis. Scheuermann's kyphosis is a more rigid deformity than the postural type and is associated with wedged vertebrae. It is also often associated with back pain. Its cause is unknown. Bracing is sometimes recommended for the skeletally immature adolescent with Scheuermann's kyphosis.