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Scottish Rite Masons' Childhood Language Disorders Clinic

The Scottish Rite Masons are partners with the Children’s Mercy Hearing and Speech Clinic. For 30 years, they have helped cover the cost of speech therapy for some children with speech and language impairments through their generous donations. The Speech Clinic at the Broadway location has been dedicated to the Scottish Rite Masons in recognition of their support. 


The clinic is located at the Scottish Rite Temple on the corner of Linwood and Paseo. It is a little over a mile from Children’s Mercy Broadway Clinics and is two blocks east of the police station on Linwood. The Temple is a large white stone building with stone lions beside the steps in the front. The clinic is located at the back of the building. Parking is easily accessible. Signs for the clinic guide visitors into the parking lot and to the clinic door.


1330 Linwood
Kansas City, MO 64109