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Rectal Enema

A rectal enema is also known as: rectal enema administration, cleanout or flush.

What is a rectal enema?

There are many different ways to clean out the lower colon. A medical grade rectal enema is prescribed by your doctor and performed every 24 hours to keep your child’s colon clean and to prevent stooling accidents.

What are the goals of an enema?

  1. To prevent stooling accidents between enemas
  2. To stop stool getting stuck in the last part of the colon
  3. To provide confidence in the ability of the bowels

How does an enema work?

Using a soft flexible tube, saline water mixed with medicine is put into the lower part of the colon every day.

The Comprehensive Colorectal Center at Children's Mercy

Discussion of surgical and management options are best done with the help of a multidisciplinary team such as the one available at the Comprehensive Colorectal Center at Children's Mercy.

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