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Comprehensive colorectal care from birth to adulthood

The Comprehensive Colorectal Center provides coordinated, team-based care for children with colorectal conditions. Your voice as a parent is valued and your family’s experience is central to the treatment plan.

Whether you just learned of your newborn child’s diagnosis or are facing complications related to colorectal conditions as a teen or young adult, we can help.

We're here for you

It can feel isolating when your child is diagnosed with an anorectal malformation or other colorectal difficulty. You may not know anyone else with the same kind of condition, and it’s not always easy to talk about with friends and family.

We want you to know that you are not alone. Our team’s goal is to care for every aspect of your child’s needs—not only treating their medical condition, but improving their overall quality of life.

Thinking long-term

Beyond the initial evaluation and treatment, your Children's Mercy team can anticipate some of the potential hurdles that might arise down the road and help you choose the best course of treatment. Our recommendations will not just be a short-term fix, but a long-term, sustainable plan for your child to have the best possible quality of life as they grow.

Integrated mental health care

One unique aspect of our program is that we have an embedded pediatric psychologist, Dr. Christina Low Kapalu, who specializes in caring for kids with chronic medical conditions. She will work with your family on how to cope with a new diagnosis, prepare for upcoming surgeries, and manage other potentially stressful elements of caring for your child.

Once you see how your child's treatment plan is working for your family’s everyday life, Dr. Low Kapalu can then help you communicate with the rest of your care team about any adjustments that might be helpful for you.

As your child grows, Dr. Low Kapalu can help your child build resiliency and self-efficacy by giving them tools and strategies to cope with the additional challenges of living with a chronic medical condition.

Milestones and development

Your care team can provide support throughout life changes and milestones like potty training, starting school, puberty, sexual development and thinking about future childbearing.

During the teenage years, some young people with chronic medical conditions also struggle with mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. Dr. Low Kapalu can check in on a regular basis with your child about how they’re feeling and provide resources for you if you need them.

Transition to adult care providers

Your care team in the Comprehensive Colorectal Center is committed to working with you through all of these moments and any other challenges that arise. When your child transitions from a teenager to a young adult, we will help them get connected to an adult provider who is familiar with their type of colorectal condition and make sure they are comfortable managing their own medical care as much as possible.