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The Center for Excellence in Pediatric Resuscitation provides state-of-the-art resuscitation training for health care professionals working in acute pediatric care settings. These training programs equip your team with emergency intervention skills to care for critically-ill children and newborns. 

Simulation Programs

Training courses include a mobile program option where your staff can learn in the convenience of your own hospital or medical office setting. We also host training sessions through our Living Laboratory "Playroom," which includes realistic medical spaces that replicate trauma and exam rooms. All courses are scheduled during the work day, eliminating the need for travel or attending classes during weekends or evenings. 

Program Highlights

  • Computer-controlled mannequins simulate life-like medical conditions and real-time physiological responses.
  • Courses are conveniently scheduled during the work day.
  • Training is designed to help improve teamwork, communication, and critical-thinking skills.
  • Trainees learn about medication safety and practice seldom-used emergency treatment skills.



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