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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Our clinical laboratories provide inpatient, outpatient and outreach laboratory services for Children's Mercy patients and the greater Kansas City community.

Why Children’s Mercy for your laboratory services?

  • Age-specific reference ranges

  • Broad test menu ranging from routine analysis to esoteric

  • Maximum testing with minimal sample sizes

  • Dedicated pediatric phlebotomists to minimize multiple venipunctures and redraws

  • Laboratory-to-clinician consultation to facilitate effective test ordering and result interpretation

  • Professional staff skilled in detecting & interpreting test abnormalities and disease states specific to children

  • Commitment to quality process - planning, control and improvement

Test Catalog

Use our online Test Catalog to find specific information about our testing; including collection details, performing locations, turnaround times and more.

Lab Sections

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine provides services in several specialty sections in addition to limited services at our Satellite Laboratories.

Outpatient requisitions

  • The policy at Children's Mercy is to provide outpatient services only when ordered by a practitioner (MD, DO, DDS, DMD, APRN, PA) who is properly licensed and eligible for participation in Medicare and other Federal health care programs. APRNs and PAs orders will only be accepted if the provider holds a Kansas and/or Missouri license.

  • There are many different types of allergy panels available depending on the laboratory offering the service. When we receive panel orders which don't match our panels we will offer the family the option to have 2 tubes of blood collected, which are highly likely to cover what is needed, and follow up on order resolution after the collection. This will require orders on a Children's Mercy requisition and may cause a delay in testing.

  • Direct-access testing or patient-authorized testing is not permitted.

  • Only written/faxed orders within 30 days of the date of service will be accepted.

  • Children's Mercy to complete the collection?

    • We will need a copy of the order document:

      • A printed copy can be given to the family to bring or

      • Print and fax the document directly – Be sure to confirm the location with the family prior to submission. When received it is only accessible at that location.

        Outpatient Phlebotomy location Fax
        Adele Hall (816) 302-9867
        Broadway (816) 960-8461
        East (816) 478-5212
        Northland (816) 413-2555
        Kansas (913) 696-8021


View requisition forms


Home collection instructions

Patients and families can find a list of all Children's Mercy locations where labs can be taken along with instructions for home collections.

View home collection instructions

Infectious Disease Weekly Updates

Last week's results: updated May 20, 2024


  •  (A 8 B 4) /286 (4%) To Date 4,996/20,986 (24%)


  • 1/286 (0.4%) To Date 3,092/19,824 (16%)


  • 11/292 (4%) To Date 21,842/234,951 (9%)

Enterovirus/Human Parechovirus PCR

  • Enterovirus RT-PCR: 0/6 (0%) YTD 5/119 (4%)

  • Parechovirus RT-PCR: 0/5 (0%) YTD 1/69 (2%)

Pertussis/Parapertussis PCR

  • 0 B. pertussis, 0 B. parapertussis PCR: 0/2 (0%) YTD 4/44 (9%)

Respiratory Panel PCR

  • 99/139 (71%)

  • 2 RSV

  • 20 Human Metapneumovirus

  • 6 Adenovirus

  • 20 Parainfluenza 3

  • 43 Rhinovirus/Enterovirus

  • 4 Coronavirus NL63

  • 1 Coronavirus OC43

  • 1 M. pneumoniae

  • 2 SARS-CoV2

Group A Streptococcus Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid Test Positive/Total Follow-Up Culture
Children's Mercy Hospital (19/78) 24% (9) 15%
Children's Mercy Northland (20/91) 22% (7) 10%
Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas (10/61) 16%  (3) 6%
Children's Mercy Broadway (6/23) 26% (1) 6%
Children's Mercy Blue Valley (27/96) 28% (2) 3%
Children's Mercy East (24/79) 30% (4) 8%