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The Neonatal Outreach Education Program at Children's Mercy is designed to promote the education of the region's health care professionals and public about neonatal and perinatal care.

Participation in the program begins with an on-site assessment of the community hospital to identify educational needs of the staff.

Neonatal Nurse
Following the visit, an individualized curriculum in accordance with the staff's strengths and educational needs is developed. We offer didactic as well as clinical skills programs. The program is evaluated through ongoing assessments that result in further program development. Immediate consultation with Children's Mercy physicians, nurses, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, social workers, and other staff is available on an ongoing basis.


  • Educate professional staff regarding comprehensive neonatal-perinatal care.
  • Educate the public to promote optimal newborn health.
  • Develop individualized teaching programs for community hospital personnel.
  • Provide and promote multidisciplinary communication and timely, professional consultation.
Pat Reuter


Patricia A. Reuter, MSN, RNC-NIC, has been coordinating the Neonatal Outreach program at Children's Mercy since 1990. She received her diploma in Nursing from Saint Luke's School of Nursing in Sioux City, Iowa; a BSN from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio; and an MSN from the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. Her areas of expertise include neonatal resuscitation, gestational age assessment, care of parents, ethical concerns, and the coordination of education programs for perinatal health care professionals.
Contact: Pat Reuter  
Phone: (816) 234-1602
Address: Children's Mercy
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108

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