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Organizational Coaching

Culture and Language Coaching Program

Culture and language coaches (CLCs) have a positive impact on our partner organizations, as well. In addition to 1-on-1 provider coaching, our CLCs consult with leadership and staff at the centers where providers work to review current policies and practices related to language access and culturally appropriate care. CLCs then help make changes to improve the care offered by the center to Spanish-speaking clients.

Examples of processes that have been improved through organizational coaching include hiring of bilingual employees, bilingual signage, translation of materials used by providers and their clients or patients, bilingual provider peer support within agencies and advocacy for improved Spanish-language materials from government sources.

We also provide education and training to partner organizations on topics such as the five essential practices for effective communication, partnering with interpreters, and serving immigrant communities with cultural humility.

To see how organizational coaching has impacted our behavioral health partners, visit our Adelante Kansas City page.