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Where to Park on Your First Day

Children’s Mercy Orientation

Parking at Adele Hall Campus

2401 Gillham, Kansas City, MO 64108
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  • New hires can park in the Children’s Mercy visitor parking garage on orientation day, which is located at 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, MO 64108. 
  • Once you pull up to the gate of the garage, please show the security guard the CMO Parking Permit which was sent to you by your recruiter in the email that included details about orientation.
  • Please be sure to park on Level 4 (the Turquoise Train level).

Children’s Mercy Wellness Center Parking

For employees who have Wellness Center appointments on or before orientation day.

Address: 2401 Grand, Kansas City, MO 64108


  • Garage entrance is located at the intersection of McGee and E. Pershing Road. Try to enter at the far right, if possible.
  • Pull a ticket and the Employee Wellness Center will validate it for you during your appointment.

Don Chisholm Parking

The Don Chisholm outside parking lot can be used for overflow parking on orientation day. Please note, new hires will not have access to the Don Chisholm garage until they have an active badge.

Address: 606 East 22nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
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  • If you park in the outside lot at Don Chisholm, take the crosswalk across 22nd Street and continue walking straight into the parking garage
  • At the back of the garage, you will find the elevator.
  • Take the elevator to the 1st floor
  • Follow the link which will bring you to the outside of the CMRI Cafeteria
  • Walk through the CMRI Cafeteria – and you will find the CMO welcome table in the open seating area outside of the cafeteria.