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Preparing for a fluoroscopy or interventional radiology

Children's Mercy patient undergoing a fluroscopy study

What to Expect: Fluoroscopy

A Fluoroscopy study is a way of taking pictures of the inside of your body. The camera is placed over a part of your body while you lay on the bed, but the camera never touches you. You may need to have a special medicine called contrast that helps the Radiologist to see your pictures. The Radiologist will be in the room during your pictures. During these pictures, your most important job is to hold very still.

Interventional Radiology at Children's Mercy

What to Expect: Interventional Radiology

The Interventional Radiology (IR) room has several kinds of cameras to help the doctors or technologists see the inside of your body. Sometimes more than one kind of camera is used, and sometimes only one is needed.

The cameras take pictures of a certain part of your body while you lay on a bed. The staff taking your pictures will wear special aprons, hats and masks while taking your pictures. You may get medicine to make you sleep during your pictures.

Helpful tips


  • Many families have found the additional information provided from valuable as they have prepared for this type of scan. 

  • The Image Gently Alliance  may help you understanding types of imaging and what "imaging safely" means to you and your child.