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The Thyroid Nodule and Carcinoma Clinic at Children’s Mercy is the only pediatric clinic of its kind in the region. Experts in endocrinology, radiology, pathology, and surgery provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, and long-term management of thyroid nodules and differentiated carcinoma in children.

Thyroid nodule symptoms and diagnosis

Patients who develop thyroid nodules typically do not experience symptoms. The nodules are often detected during routine physical exams. However, that does not exclude the possibility of thyroid cancer, which is greater in children than adults.

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What to expect at your visit

All patients who are referred will have a comprehensive evaluation including physical exam and thyroid ultrasound performed at Children's Mercy. The initial evaluation determines the need for a fine needle aspiration (FNA), that determines the need for additional treatment, which may include surgical evaluation and staging, radioactive iodine ablation, and long-term follow up.