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Thank you to all of our corporate partners who made a BIG difference to kids and families at Children’s Mercy over the holidays! Philanthropic support from our community ensures Children’s Mercy will always be available to provide the very best care for kids. From a facility dog’s calming presence to music and art therapy – you can provide hope and comfort to kids in need of care

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One Kit—Custom Fit

Choose the best approach for your company, then pick from four ready-to-go kits. Or, create an activity that best fits your needs. Each kit includes directions, copy and collateral and is completely customizable. Once you've selected your kit, let us know about your fundraiser!

Engage Your Customers

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Point of Sale Fundraiser Kit

Ask your customers at checkout to add $ or round up their purchases. Or, donate a percentage of your sales to Children’s Mercy.

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Give Monthly

Piggy Bank Pop-Up Store Kit

Sell piggy banks and encourage customers to join you in giving back.

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Engage Your Employees

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Workplace Fundraiser Kit

Engage your employees in a workplace fundraiser to double your impact with matching donations. Who doesn’t like a dress down Friday or a chili cook off?

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Coin Challenge Kit

Remember penny challenges from school? Try it at the office. See which team, department or branch can donate the most.

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