The Children's Mercy Department of Radiology offers diagnostic imaging equipment especially designed to accommodate children of all ages and sizes. Our facilities and diagnostic imaging equipment are designed to alleviate fears and provide services with minimal need for sedation or restraint.

Radiology Staff

Our team includes a team of board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric radiologists and qualified technologists who provide a safe and comfortable diagnostic testing environment for pediatric patients. Our pediatric radiologists, technologists, sedation team and child life specialists are experts at alleviating fears.

Department Highlights

  • Our equipment is geared for pediatric radiology patients and coincides with the Image Gently guidelines for low-dose imaging, using 60 percent less radiation than other facilities. 
  • Our multiple scans diminish the risk of cancer and reduces the accumulation of radiation. 
  • Virtually all procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis and only a few interventional and special procedures require an overnight stay.
  • The radiology team includes 22 board-certified pediatric radiologists, many with sub-specialty training. 

Resources for Patients and Families

Provider Resources

The articles below are part of the Image Gently Campaign and inform clinicians about commonly requested, but misunderstood, imaging studies.

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