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Medicaid Renewal Update

An important alert for families with Medicaid coverage

Over the next year, both Missouri and Kansas Medicaid will be actively asking ALL members to go through an eligibility renewal process to make sure the insured person continues to meet coverage requirements. Children’s Mercy Kansas City wants to share important dates and information with families who have active Medicaid coverage to avoid families potentially losing health insurance coverage. 

Kansas Medicaid began mailing eligibility renewal forms on March 13, 2023.
Missouri Medicaid began mailing eligibility renewal forms on April 1, 2023.

The enrollment form will be mailed to your address on file. If Medicaid does not have a current address for you, you may not receive the enrollment form and run the risk of losing coverage. 

Below is some information to help you navigate if you do not receive your renewal letter.

How do I update my address with Medicaid?

You can call your caseworker or Medicaid clearing house number on your Medicaid card to confirm/update your address. You can also update your address online.

Kansas Medicaid

Missouri Medicaid

Once I receive my form, what do I do with it?

Make sure to fill out the renewal form or letter and mail it back by the due date on the letter.

What happens if I don’t complete the renewal form?

Your child will lose their Medicaid insurance coverage.

What if I complete the renewal form, but my child’s coverage is not renewed?

Persons whose eligibility is not renewed, will be encouraged to enroll in one of the insurance plans offered through the Healthcare Marketplace/ACA Exchange website.

How do I know which insurance plans on the Healthcare Exchange are accepted by Children’s Mercy?

Many of the insurance plans on the Healthcare Marketplace/ACA Exchange website insurance plans are NOT in-network with Children’s Mercy. Prior to enrolling with a specific insurance plan on the exchange, please make sure to visit to view the plans Children’s Mercy is in and out-of-network with.

What happens if I choose a plan on the ACA Exchange that is out-of-network with Children’s Mercy?

Patients who have out-of-network insurance are unable to be scheduled for an appointment unless they have a special approval with their insurance plan (called a Single Case Agreement). Families who have care provided by an out-of-network provider also pay a lot more to have that care. To find out how to lower your costs for care and more information regarding the out-of-network process, please visit