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Patient Access Financial Clearance

We can provide information about your services before they happen. This includes prior authorization, pre-registration, deposit, or time of service payments that may be due, as well as price estimates.

Phone: (816) 302-1650

Press 1 for Inpatient Services

Press 2 for Surgery or GI Procedures

Press 3 for Radiology

Press 4 for Clinic Services including in office procedures, testing, therapy, diagnostics, or medications.

Billing Customer Service

We can answer questions about after the service or appointment happens, payment plan inquiries, and any questions or concerns regarding your billing statements, including what was billed to your insurance company.

Phone (816) 701-5100

Financial Counseling

We can help families get insurance coverage or financial assistance through Children’s Mercy.

Phone: (816) 234-3567

Insurance coverage

Information about insurance plans that do not include Children’s Mercy, as well as other helpful information, can be found at