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Patient Diversity

Children’s Mercy Pediatric Residency and Fellowship Programs are committed to recruiting and training a diverse group of pediatric residents. We seek to provide high quality clinical care by creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of patients we serve.

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AAIR clinic aims to be a comprehensive multi-specialty medical center for children with severe refractory asthma. By integrating care, the medical, psychological and social needs of these children are addressed to improve their overall quality of life. The clinic is unique as they have supporting members in pulmonology, allergy, pharmacy, social work and environmental health. The clinic was created as such to address the multi-faceted nature of asthma. The patient population ranges from within the urban core of Kansas City metro and beyond to rural small towns of both Kansas and Missouri.

The CHiCoS Pediatric Care Clinic (Clínica Hispana para Cuidados de la Salud) is the bilingual continuity clinic for Pediatric residents interested in becoming Qualified Bilingual Staff in Spanish. The clinic is complete with a language coach who works one-on-one with the residents to aid in their language skill development.

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A multidisciplinary clinic that provides services for children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) and difference of sexual development (DSD).

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Children’s Mercy Operation Breakthrough Clinic is a patient-centered medical home embedded within Operation Breakthrough, one of the largest single-site early learning/childcare centers in Missouri. Most of the children served live in poverty, and many have experienced a high number of adverse childhood experiences.

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A program designed to ensure that bilingual providers are providing clear, effective and safe communication to our patients and their families.

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A multi-disciplinary clinic aiming to treat those with sickle cell disease, this patient population is primarily African American with some Hispanic families.

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