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Healthy Schools Training Opportunities

We offer informative presentations and training courses for different school district staff. We also offer professional healthy school training courses for facility management staff, health staff and other professionals in your district and throughout the region. Please contact us to arrange any of these valuable programs.

Healthy Schools for Administrators presentation

This 45-minute presentation focuses on getting administrative buy-in from key stakeholders in district administration (board members, superintendents, principals, etc.). It provides data to support the idea of implementing a Healthy Schools Program. It also provides a virtual walkthrough of a typical school facility and points out common issues and conditions, both good and bad, routinely found in schools.

Asthma Management and Healthy School Training for school nurses and other caregivers

This 1.5-2 hour training focuses on helping nurses identify the common signs of an asthma attack, treatment options, inhaler care and use, and medicine/inhaler storage recommendations. The last 30-45 minutes of the training focuses on the environmental component of asthma, providing examples of environmental triggers and other conditions that may impact occupant health in schools.

Principles of Healthy Schools Training for Staff and Teachers

The goal of this 45-60 minute presentation is to provide building occupants with best practices for setting up and maintaining healthy conditions in classrooms and offices throughout the school year. Half of the issues observed in schools are occupancy-related. This training is focused on educating staff about these indoor environmental concerns and what behaviors are known to have a negative impact on occupant health.

Safe and Healthy School Specialist Training

This valuable one-day training course is for lead custodians, building managers, and other involved in daily facility care and maintenance. Facility Directors, nurses and other district staff often participate in this course and all find it valuable to their practice. Email us for more details.

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