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Healthy Homes Program

Program Manager: Ryan Allenbrand, MS, CIEC;

Children’s Mercy environmental health specialists help make children’s homes safer by performing a healthy home environmental assessment.

A home assessment includes some or all of these services:

  • Healthy home walk-through visual assessment
  • Virtual healthy home visual assessment
  • Telehealth visits about home health and safety concerns
  • A general indoor air quality checkup
  • A moisture and dampness assessment
  • A dust and allergens assessment
  • A safety and injury prevention checkup
  • Recommendations for improving your home environment and health

You can find helpful healthy home resources on our PEHSU page and reach out to our Healthy Homes team.

Please see the Healthy Homes Training Opportunities page for information on training courses.

Healthy Home Assessment Advisory Plans

If you received a Healthy Home Assessment Advisory Plan, you can find additional information about your plan here.

Lead EBL Investigation Information

If you received a Lead EBL Investigation report, you can find additional resources here.