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Children’s Mercy Sleep Laboratory (Sleep Lab) is one of the largest pediatric sleep laboratories in the country. The Sleep Lab also is  the only pediatric sleep laboratory in the region accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The Sleep Lab team specializes in working with children and teens with all types of sleep disorders, including the most complex cases. Our unique focus on pediatrics, combined with the extensive expertise of our staff, set the Children’s Mercy Sleep Lab apart from others in the region.

The Sleep Lab team at Children's Mercy conducted more than 2,000 sleep studies in 2019.

  • Sleep study (Polysomnogram)
  • CPAP titration
  • BiPAP titration
  • Ventilator titration
  • Trach decannulation evaluation
  • Daytime studies (MSLT, MWT)
  • Actigraphy
  • Mask fitting
  • Mask habituation

Sleep study

Your child may feel more comfortable and confident about their sleep study when they know what to expect ahead of time. Our child life specialists have prepared a step-by-step guide to explain what a sleep study is to your child. You can also download a printable version of the guide and view this video with your child.

Video of the Sleep Lab at Children's Mercy.


It is very important to get accurate information from the sleep study. Therefore, the scheduling staff in the hospital and Sleep Lab will contact you multiple times to schedule the sleep study and confirm the timing. Also, they may ask you about the medications that your child is currently taking and if they are experiencing any illness.

Occasionally, the study has to be rescheduled if your child is acutely ill or on a medication that may interfere with the information that would be provided to your sleep doctor. Please call the Sleep Lab to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have ahead of time. 

Welcome to the Sleep Lab

You are going to the Sleep Lab so your doctor can learn what your body does when you are asleep. The people you will meet there are going to help answer your questions and tell you everything you need to know about your stay at the Sleep Lab. Now, let’s learn about your stay at the Sleep Lab.

Checking in

When you arrive at the Sleep Lab, you will check in and then your technologist will take you to your room. You can bring your favorite stuffed animal, pillow and movie with you.

When you get to your room, you will change into your own pajamas. There is a couch bed in your room where your family member will sleep.

One thing you will see in your room is a big, comfy bed where you will sleep and a table with lots of medical supplies on it. These supplies are to help you with your sleep test.

Preparing for the sleep test

Now it will be time to sit down in a chair and let the technician start putting stickers on your body. The technician’s job is to help you get ready for your sleep test.

First, the technician uses a soft pencil to draw red lines on your body. Next, the technician will clean those lines with soap and put stickers where the red lines were. The stickers will feel soft, sticky and a little squishy when the technician puts them on.

The technician will put stickers on your head, face, behind your ears and on your chin. Stickers also go on your legs and chest. It will take awhile to put all of your stickers on.

Some kids like to watch a fun movie or play with toys while they wait.

The technician will put a sensor in your nose called an Oral-Nasal Thermistor. It tells the computer how you are breathing through your mouth and nose. It might tickle your nose for a little bit. The technician will put a stretchy band around your tummy and chest. These won’t be tight.

You will get a Pulse Oximeter on your finger or toe. It feels sticky and looks like a bandaid. It tells how much oxygen is in your body. Do you know what oxygen is?

The wires that are on the stickers plug into a box. The technician will bundle up all of the wires and tape them together so they won’t get tangled while you sleep.

You may also get a stretchy headband to help keep your stickers on while you sleep.

Going to bed

It is time for bed now. The technician will help you get into bed and make you as comfortable as possible. You can bring your pillow from home if you want. A family member gets to stay in your room with you all night. They get their own bed that is close to you.

There is a microphone and a camera in your room to help you talk with your technician. While you are resting in your bed, the technician will ask you to do a few things to make sure the equipment is working right. After that, it’s time to go to sleep. Goodnight!

Time to go home

When you wake up in the morning, you are all done with your test. You won’t wear the stickers home. The technician will take them off in the morning. They come off quickly and easily.

Now it is time to go home. Thank you for spending the night at the Sleep Lab!