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Pediatric Tracheostomy and Home Ventilation Clinic

The Pediatric Tracheostomy and Home Ventilation Clinic at Children’s Mercy brings together all your child’s breathing specialists—pulmonologist, ENT and respiratory therapist—in one place. This reduces the number of appointments for you and improves coordination of care among your child’s doctors, nurses and therapists.

Tracheostomy care tailored for your child

Leaving the hospital with a child who has a tracheostomy can be stressful. There are a lot of details, equipment and procedures to keep track of.

Our team will help you feel comfortable with your child's day-to-day care, both before and after you leave the hospital. A trach nurse is always available for questions or concerns at (816) 234-3040.

In the event of an emergency, Children’s Mercy is the only health care provider in the region that always has every pediatric size of trach tube available.

Meet the ENT team.

Making travel easier for your family

We understand that going out and about can be a challenge due to all your child’s trach equipment and supplies. We’ll provide you with a “go bag” filled with all the supplies you’ll need when you are discharged from the hospital.

For those who choose Children’s Mercy Home Care for their medical equipment and supplies, you will find a supportive team to assist your needs. We also have valet parking and wagons for easier transport from your vehicle to the clinic when you come for your appointments.

Tracheostomy Patient Family Advisory Council

The Tracheostomy Patient and Family Advisory Council focuses on improving the hospital and community experience for children with trachs and their families.