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What to Expect: Hand Surgery

What to expect at your visit

When you come to see a provider from our Hand Surgery team, you can expect them to perform a thorough examination of your child’s hands and arms. We may need to do additional diagnostic imaging studies, such as x-rays, depending on your child’s needs. Often, we can do these right in the Orthopedic clinic.

Our specially designed diagnostic imaging equipment can accommodate children of all ages and sizes, and we can provide assistance from our nursing staff or a Child Life team member for children who need additional support during their imaging experience.

After the provider has examined the affected area and the imaging studies, the next step could involve immobilizing the affected area with a splint or cast. If your child needs surgery, we will schedule that with you for a future date at this appointment. Most hand surgeries can be done as outpatient procedures, which means your child can go home the same day as the procedure. The timing of the surgery depends on the nature and urgency of your child’s condition.

Follow-up care

Follow-up therapy is often critical to ensuring the best possible outcome for your child. We can refer you to one of our kid-friendly physical and occupational therapy locations around the Kansas City metro, or connect you with a local provider in your area if you prefer. Our therapists are always happy to talk to your local provider to coordinate on a care plan for your child.

We’ll see your child back in the clinic for follow-up visits with your hand surgeon to ensure they are healing well. If your child needs appointments with other Children’s Mercy teams or follow-up imaging studies such as x-rays, we will make every effort to coordinate those for you. You can also call or use the MyChildrensMercy patient portal to send electronic messages and photos to your provider with questions in between visits.