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My child has autism. Now what?

Autism treatment options

Behavioral treatment is the primary approach to treatment for children with autism.

Sometimes called ABA therapy or behavior therapy, this involves tailored, intensive teaching to help a child improve skills such as communication, social interaction and self-help and decrease problem behaviors like tantrums and aggression.

Children’s Mercy does not offer intensive ABA/behavioral services. To access these supports for your child:

If your child has already received an evaluation at Children’s Mercy, the evaluation report will include detailed recommendations about what medical, educational, and allied health services and supports will be the best fit for your child.

We recommend that you review the report with your child’s medical doctor and teachers, and contact your insurer to identify covered providers of the services your child needs. Primary care providers are the best place to start with medication questions.

If you have questions about the recommendations made by your Children’s Mercy provider or need another copy of your report, call (816) 234-3674.

Living with autism

Children’s Mercy offers in-person and online trainings to help families who are living with autism. Topics include many issues that are common for families of kids with autism, including sleep problems, toilet training, mealtime struggles, and managing problem behaviors.

See all our upcoming training opportunities. 

View our online training modules.