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Multidisciplinary Food Allergy Clinic


Help your child learn more about food allergies with this fun, colorful activity booklet created by the Children’s Mercy Food Allergy team.


FARE is a national non-profit organization that provides research funding, educational resources, and support for people with food allergies. Helpful resources include an info packet for newly diagnosed families and a customizable Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan.


This Kansas City-based non-profit organization supports families with food allergies and celiac disease by providing safe, healthy gluten-free and allergy-friendly food to families in need.

Recent research encourages parents of children with a low to moderate risk for allergy to begin introducing peanut products in infancy. Read more about the recommendations and questions to ask your doctor.

The Multidisciplinary Food Allergy Clinic serves children who are diagnosed with two or more major food allergies or those with poor growth due to a food allergy. Your family can visit with an allergist and nutritionist in the same appointment to review your child’s diet and ensure they’re getting all their nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while still avoiding all their allergens.

Meal planning with multiple food allergies

Sometimes, families of kids with multiple food allergies struggle to plan meals that are safe and healthy. We will help you find alternatives to the allergenic foods, identify appropriate portion sizes, and monitor your child’s growth and development.

School and daycare safety

We can also work with you on how to communicate with your child’s school or daycare providers about safe eating away from home. School-aged children can learn safe practices like good hand washing, not sharing food with others, and ensuring their spot is clean before eating so they can begin to advocate for themselves at school. The Children’s Food Allergy activity book is a great resource to help empower your child to understand their allergies.