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Physical Therapy Services

The Take CARE Employee Clinic and Pharmacy offers physical therapy services to help meet a growing need and advance efforts by Children’s Mercy to provide leading-edge benefits. Musculoskeletal conditions, including back and knee joint issues, are among the top claims filed with the Children’s Mercy Cigna medical plan.

You, your spouse and dependent adult children ages 18 through 25, if applicable, are eligible to receive physical therapy at the Take CARE Employee Clinic. A physician’s order for physical therapy is required from an Take CARE Employee Clinic provider or a community provider.

A customized physical therapy program can help improve an individual’s mobility and balance and encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury. Typically, the Take CARE Employee Clinic’s full-time physical therapist sees patients two to four times a week for four weeks and then evaluates whether additional physical therapy is needed. Most therapy occurs on-site in the Wellness Education Room.

Techniques used to accomplish the goals in the patient’s plan of care include hands-on manual and soft-tissue mobilization; therapeutic exercise and activity; neuromuscular treatment; gait training; ergonomics and postural education; modalities; and dry-needling.

On-site collaboration

Physical therapy focus on physical injury/pain reduction, general wellbeing and prevention/avoidance of reinjury. The difference is that athletic training is limited to musculoskeletal conditions, whereas physical therapy can be used for walking and balance disorders, vestibular conditions, neurological diagnoses or unknown pain that is inhibiting daily activities or functional mobility.

The Take CARE Employee Clinic’s physical therapist and certified athletic trainer work together to decrease pain and accomplish patient goals.

Make an appointment

To schedule an initial evaluation with the physical therapist, call the Take CARE Employee Clinicat (816) 412-2355.