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Pharmacy Services

The Employee Wellness Center features a full-service pharmacy.

Note: The Employee Wellness Center accepts credit, debit and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. The center does not accept cash.

This is an in-network pharmacy for Children's Mercy medical plan members:

  • You can fill prescriptions for yourself and your entire family, including children under the age of 18.

  • You have the option to refill maintenance medications in 30- or 90-day supplies at this pharmacy only. At other in-network pharmacies and through mail order service, you only may refill your maintenance medications in 90-day supplies.

  • The pharmacy carries generic and brand-name medications. However, all brand-name medications will be considered "preferred," so you won't pay the higher non-preferred drug coinsurance amount. You will pay the same amount or less than you would pay at your local in-network pharmacy - based on the prescription type and quantity:

Prescription type 30-day supply 90-day supply
Generic $6 $14
Brand name 30% but no more than $60 30% but no more than $150


  • Your prescription drug purchases will count toward your annual out-of-pocket maximum (the most you pay for prescription drugs during the plan year).

If you are not covered by a Children's Mercy medical plan, you also may fill your prescriptions at the center. You will pay a market-competitive rate, and you will need to file your own claims.

The pharmacy also will fill prescriptions from providers at other health care facilities. Simply ask your provider to fax your prescription to the Employee Wellness Center pharmacy at (816) 421-1197.

The pharmacy will accept credit and debit cards only.

For your convenience, the pharmacy offers a prescription drug delivery service at the Adele Hall Campus and Children's Mercy Broadway.

What's In Stock

The pharmacy stocks our 1,000 most commonly used drugs and more than 100 frequently used over-the-counter items, including medications to treat ADD/ADHD. If a drug you need isn't in-stock, you may order it to arrive within two business days.

If you get allergy injections and want to receive your shots at the clinic, you may store your serum at the center. You will be responsible to ensure you have an ample supply on hand to receive your injections.

The pharmacy does not stock medications that require sterile compounding.

Transferring Prescriptions to the Employee Wellness Center

To transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies, take your prescription bottle to the pharmacy or call the pharmacy at (816) 412-2358, and let them know where you currently fill your prescriptions. They will contact the pharmacy on your behalf to have your prescriptions transferred.

If you have any questions, email