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Behavioral Health Services

You and your family* can receive behavioral health services at the Employee Wellness Center if you are referred by:

  • Your primary care physician at the Employee Wellness Center, or

  • A Guidance Consultant at ComPsych, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider for Children’s Mercy

*Your spouse and adult dependents ages 18 through 26 are also eligible for behavioral health services at the Employee Wellness Center. Your children under age 18 are eligible for family therapy only, at the discretion of the behavioral health professional.

What to do


  • If you are experiencing stress, relationship issues, depression or any other behavioral health issue and use the Employee Wellness Center as your medical home, discuss the issue with your primary care provider. If appropriate, he or she will refer you to one of the behavioral health care providers.

  • If you do not use the Employee Wellness Center for primary care, contact ComPsych at (888) 737-6797 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ComPsych is staffed by highly trained, master’s and doctoral level behavioral health care clinicians who will listen to your concerns, and depending on the issue and severity, will refer you to the Employee Wellness Center for on-site confidential counseling, if appropriate. If you’d prefer not to use the Employee Wellness Center for counseling, the ComPsych Guidance Consultant will refer you to a local provider in ComPsych’s EAP network. (Five free counseling sessions are available through ComPsych’s EAP.)

  • Behavioral health care visits require a referral, so do not call the Employee Wellness Center directly to schedule an appointment; if you do, you will be transferred to ComPsych.

  • If the ComPsych consultant determines that the Employee Wellness Center is the most suitable care setting, he or she will “warm transfer” your call to the Employee Wellness Center so you can schedule an initial intake appointment with one of the center’s behavioral health professionals. Please note that these visits to the center are not considered EAP visits.

Behavioral Health Professionals

You will be in good hands with the Employee Wellness Center’s master’s-prepared behavioral health professionals: a licensed marriage family therapist and licensed clinical social worker.

Visits, cost of services


  • If you are enrolled in a Children’s Mercy medical plan, you will pay $10 per a 50-minute behavioral health services visit at the Employee Wellness Center; otherwise, you will pay $80 per visit.

  • Unlike EAP counseling, which is limited to five free visits, the number of visits available to you at the Employee Wellness Center is based on medical necessity as determined by your behavioral health professional.

If you have questions about the Employee Wellness Center’s behavioral health services, please call (816) 412-2355.