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The Employee Wellness Center provides employees, their spouses and dependent adult children (ages 18 through 25) with convenient access to quality, affordable on-site health care.

The center is located within our Crown Center location at 2401 Grand, near Panera.

With careful attention to every detail, the Employee Wellness Center will exceed your expectations:

  • Complete care. Services include primary, preventive and urgent care, including minor medical procedures.

  • Medical home. If you don't have a primary care provider, you can make the center your medical home. The providers will help you manage your health, including chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, low back pain and more.

  • Lab services. If you need lab work, it will be done at the time of your appointment.

  • Women's services. If you have established care with a PCP at the Employee Wellness Center, you can receive IUD placement services.

  • Affordable care. Children's Mercy Blue or Gold medical plan participants pay a $10 co-pay for urgent and primary care, including minor medical procedures; preventive care is provided at no cost. CM Green plan participants will pay between $55-$70 for non-preventive services; preventive care is provided at no cost. If you are not enrolled in a Children's Mercy medical plan, you will pay a market-competitive rate for services.

  • Pharmacy services. Prescriptions may be filled at the onsite pharmacy, including prescriptions from other health care providers.

  • Privacy. From the carefully designed floor plan, to the bathrooms within care suites, to the confidential storage of electronic medical records, your privacy will be protected. Children's Mercy employees never will have access to your medical information. All members of the care team are Cerner employees, including the physicians, family nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical assistants.

  • No paperwork. Children's Mercy medical plan participants will not file claims or do any paperwork. If you are not enrolled in a Children's Mercy medical plan, you will receive paperwork to file your own claims.

  • Occupational Health services, including blood pressure checks, vaccines and related lab work, follow-up to workplace injuries and illnesses, and more.

  • Wellbeing services, including behavioral health, nutrition counseling and meal planning, diabetes prevention and motion health.

Visit our Appointments, Hours and Parking page to schedule an appointment, view our hours of operation and to find out where to park during your visit.

Visit our Cost of Services page to know how much an appointment will cost you, your spouse or your adult child.