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Patient Experience

Why is this important?

At Children's Mercy Kansas City, we believe being extraordinary includes taking responsibility for the quality of service we provide. Asking patients and families about our service is an essential part of measuring our performance and outcomes. We love positive feedback but also welcome suggestions for improvement.

At Children's Mercy, we want to know how patients and families rate their overall experience. This is measured by asking families a visit or provider version of the question, “Using a number from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst visit possible and 10 is the best visit possible, how would you rate this visit?” Children’s Mercy considers a visit or provider ranked as a ‘9’ or a ’10’ to be exceptional. One critical target this year is to have at least 85.4 percent of respondents answer with a ‘9’ or a ‘10’ to the overall rating question on surveys distributed to families after a visit. Children’s Mercy aspires to achieve 89.9 percent ‘9’ or ‘10’ by 2025, putting Children's Mercy in the top 10 percent of children's hospitals nationwide, which is a step toward the hospital's ultimate goal of being one of the best in the world. Listed below is the percentage of patients and families who rated their experience a ‘9’ or a ‘10’ on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst possible visit and 10 is the best possible visit.

How would you rate your visit at Children's Mercy?

 - Determining our strengths and opportunities for improvement as perceived by our patients and parents ensures continuing service excellence and efficiency, ultimately the health of the patients we serve.

Parents - Giving parents and families the opportunity to provide direct input about how we are performing supports the idea that we value their opinions and are truly committed to our mission. Families are viewed as an important part of our health care team and have important information about their child. The way a patient and family experience health care can influence the quality and effectiveness of our treatment. While doctors are the experts on the disease, families are the experts on their child and measuring the family perspective is an essential component in analyzing our performance and advancing our programs, facilities and systems.

Staff - Outcome and experience measures teach us how the treatment we provide helps the patients we care for. This information helps us learn how we can continue to improve our patient- and family-centered focus. We also measure how well we perform certain aspects of our interactions with our patients and their families as we provide care.

Our hospital - Measuring performance allows Children's Mercy to gauge how well we are serving the patients and families who entrust us with their care. When possible, we evaluate how care and services compare to national standards and benchmarks by looking at our care compared to other leading children's hospitals.

Children's Mercy Patient Experience - Overall Visit/Provider Raring

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