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Family Advisory Board Membership Guidelines

Membership guidelines

Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be Children’s Mercy Kansas City Family Advisory Board (hereinafter referred to as “FAB”).

Article II: Mission 

The Family Advisory Board seeks to promote progress that enhances the experiences of patients and families receiving care and support at Children’s Mercy Kansas City.

Article III: Goals

The goals of FAB shall be:

  • to promote and support the mission, programs, services and initiatives at Children’s Mercy  

  • to promote communication between hospital staff and families

  • to assist with the education of Children’s Mercy staff and health care providers

Article IV: FAB Membership

Section 1: Composition

Family members of the FAB Board shall not exceed 21 families and shall be:

  • users of Children’s Mercy services 

  • parents or primary caregivers of patients or former patients

  • representative of the diverse communities and populations served by Children’s Mercy

Hospital staff membership of the FAB Board shall always include but is not limited to representatives of Administration, Medical Staff, Nursing Leadership, Psychosocial Services, and Patient and Family Engagement. The FAB shall always include a key representative of the Patient and Family Engagement Department to manage the Board agenda, Annual Report and day-to-day operations. Hospital staff membership is limited to 49% of total FAB membership.

Section 2: Duties

Active FAB members must participate in a minimum of 50% of the meetings per year. 

FAB members will be issued a Children’s Mercy Security Badge. 

FAB members are only authorized to use the assigned security badge to enter the facility for the following reasons:

  • Appointments for children or other family members

  • Scheduled and approved meetings with FAB or other assigned projects, sub-committee meetings and workgroups within the hospital building

Section 3: Process


  • Prospective members shall complete the FAB application and be interviewed by the Chairperson prior to being invited to join the FAB. 

  • Upon acceptance, members must complete a background check, an orientation to Children’s Mercy policies and expectations, and an orientation to FAB. 

  • Members must comply with the volunteer requirements set forth by the Children’s Mercy Volunteer Services Department.

Section 4: Terms of Service


  • The term of service of FAB members shall be a minimum of two (2) years.
  • At the end of a two (2) year term, active FAB members who have met membership qualifications may be invited to serve another two (2) year term.
  • Background checks will be updated every two years for active FAB members.
  • Attendance records are reviewed every six months and appropriate communication and action is facilitated by the FAB Planning Committee. Excused absences due to health care needs are excluded from the attendance expectation.
  • FAB members may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.
  • FAB members wishing to terminate their membership or request a leave of absence must provide written notice of one (1) month to the Chairperson.
  • Retiring FAB members may choose to join the Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Alumni.

Section 5: Meetings


  • The FAB shall adopt a schedule of regular meetings.  There will be an Annual Meeting during the month of January.
  • Meeting notification, minutes, and correspondence will be facilitated and provided to all FAB members and staff by the Patient and Family Engagement Department. Meeting minutes will be distributed at least seven (7) days before the next meeting.
  • Staff representatives of Children’s Mercy and guests wishing to attend the FAB meetings shall make requests of the FAB Planning Committee to be placed on the agenda.
  • Child care will be provided during monthly meetings.  Patient and Family Support Services must be notified at least five (5) days before the meeting to make appropriate arrangements.
  • A quorum consists of half plus one family member for the transaction of business at any meetings.

Section 6: Removal

Any member of the FAB may be removed at anytime by the FAB Planning Committee or FAB majority vote for, but not limited to, violating rules governing use of their Children’s Mercy security badge, behavior not aligned with the Children’s Mercy mission and any conduct unbecoming of a FAB member.

Article V: Officers

Section 1: Composition

The appointed officers of the FAB shall be a Chairperson and Chairperson Elect.

Section 2: Appointment 


  • The FAB planning committee shall submit candidates for approval by the FAB membership as a whole by June. 

  • The Chairperson Elect will serve as co-chair of the committee during the first year of a cycle and act as the Chairperson the second year of a cycle. 

Section 3: Terms of Service


  • The term of service for the Chairperson shall be one (1) year. No FAB Chairperson shall serve for a period exceeding two (2) consecutive years.

  • The term of service for the Chairperson Elect shall be one (1) year.

  • Appointed Officers shall assume their duties on July 1st of each year.

  • Both the Chairperson and the Chairperson Elect must attend 80% of the monthly FAB meetings. Excused absences due to health care needs are excluded from the attendance expectation.

  • Appointed Officers shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified.

Section 4: Duties


  • Chairperson – The duties of the Chairperson shall be those assigned by the FAB, including:

    • preparing meeting agendas as part of the FAB planning committee

    • presiding over FAB meetings

    • providing overall direction of FAB activities

    • being the official spokesperson for the FAB

    • keeping FAB members abreast of pertinent information affecting the FAB

    • soliciting and/or interviewing membership candidates

  • Chairperson Elect – The duties of the Chairperson Elect shall be those assigned by the FAB Planning Committee or the Chairperson, including performance of the duties of the Chairperson as needed. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Chairperson Elect will preside over FAB meetings.

Section 5: Vacancy of Position

A vacancy in a FAB Chairperson or Chairperson Elect position shall be filled by the FAB Planning Committee.

Article VI: Planning Committee

The FAB Planning Committee is comprised of the Chairperson, the Chairperson Elect, the FAB Executive Sponsor, and representatives from the Patient and Family Engagement Department. The Committee meets monthly to determine the agendas and conduct other business in support of the FAB.

Article VII: Friends of FAB

Friends of FAB shall be:

  • members of all other Children’s Mercy Patient Family Advisory Councils

  • invited to the annual FAB meeting in January

Article VIII: PFAC Alumni

The purpose of PFAC Alumni is to provide opportunities for former PFAC members to remain involved in the collaborative process with Children’s Mercy without the commitment to attend routine meetings. For Children’s Mercy, the PFAC Alumni will provide a pool of engaged parents of patients or former patients to serve as Patient Family Advisors.  

PFAC Alumni shall be:

  • previously active patient family advisory council members

  • ad-hoc, non voting members of FAB

  • invited to the annual FAB meeting in January

  • offered the option of receiving FAB meeting minutes

  • invited to participate in special events and projects

Article IX: Amendment of Guidelines

These guidelines will be reviewed as needed or requested by the FAB Planning Committee and/or FAB members. Amendments will be proposed as needed by the FAB Planning Committee. Adoption of the proposed amendment shall require a two thirds (2/3) vote of the FAB.


Patient and Family Centered Care Administrative Policy

Guidelines Approved 11/06/18