Burn and Trauma Care Clinical Services
Burn and Trauma Care Clinical Services

Services Offered

Surgical treatment

  • Split-thickness skin grafting
  • Full-thickness skin grafting
  • Full reconstructive services

Non-surgical medical services

  • Burn debridement treatments
  • Dressing changes
  • Pain management
  • Scar management with compression therapy
  • Therapy management and referrals
  • Developmental and behavioral services
  • Transition and aftercare assistance
  • Outpatient and Clinic appointments

Commonly Treated Conditions

  • First-degree or superficial burns
  • Second-degree or partial thickness burns
  • Third-degree or full thickness burns
  • Scald burns
  • Contact and friction burns
  • Chemical and electrical burns
  • Sunburns and radiation burns
  • Frostbite injury
  • Inhalation injury
  • Gunshot wounds/stabbings
  • Injuries resulting from:
    • Bicycle crashes
    • Child abuse
    • Falls
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Sports

Common Burn Treatments

The following are standard treatment methods for various types of burns and information about ongoing care.

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