COLA Conferences Online for Allergy (COLA)

Conferences On-Line Allergy (COLA) is a collaborative program with the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI).

COLA's provide access to allergy-related educational experiences for the practicing and academic allergist as well as for primary-care providers and the general public. By encouraging a free dialogue about allergy/immunology-related topics, we believe that everyone will benefit.

The Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics' Section of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology generally has conferences on Mondays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to Noon (CDT). 


For audio use mic/speakers on your computer or Dial +1 (213) 493-0603, Access Code: 256-873-866
This code will be the same for all of the conferences.

Schedule for 2015 

July 10 (Friday)
10:00 Anaphylaxis. Phil Lieberman, MD
11:00 Immunotherapy.  Harold Nelson, MD

July 13 (Monday)
10:00 Ocular Allergy. Leonard Bielory, MD
11:00 Dealing with patient and family issues. Kelly Ewing and Julie Keilman

July 17 (Friday)
10:00 Occupational Asthma. David Bernstein, MD
11:00 Laboratory tests for immunodeficiency. Thomas Fleisher, MD, PhD

July 20 (Monday) 
10:00 Drug challenges and desensitization: Practical Considerations.  Aleena Banerji, MD
11:00 Basics of Patient Billing. Gary Gross, MD

July 24 (Friday)
10:00 The "yellow zone" for asthma. Chitra Dinakar, MD
11:00 Atopic Dermatitis. Luz Fonacier, MD

July 27 (Monday)
10:00 NHLBI Asthma Guidelines. Michael Foggs, MD
11:00 Pathogenesis of Asthma. Lanny Rosenwasser, MD

July 31 (Friday)
09:00 Introduction to research: Basics of clinical research. Bridgette Jones, MD

August 3 (Monday)
10:00 Sublingual Immunotherapy. Linda Cox, MD
11:00 Pulmonary function tests. Gary Salzman, MD

August 7 (Friday)
10:00 Drug Allergy. David Khan, MD
11:00 Exercise-induced bronchospasm. Christopher Randolph, MD

August 10 (Monday)
10:00 Allergy skin testing. John Oppenheimer, MD
11:00 Non-IgE Mediated Food Allergies. Matt Greenhawt, MD

August 14 (Friday)
10:00 Stinging Insect Allergy. David Golden, MD
11:00 Sinusitis. Daniel Hamilos, MD

August 17 (Monday)
10:00 Allergen extracts and standardization. Greg Plunkett, PhD
11:00 Urticaria/Angioedema. David Lang, MD

August 21 (Friday)
10:00 Atypical infections and asthma. Prescott Atkinson, MD
11:00 Contact Dermatitis. Sharon Jacob, MD

August 24 (Monday)
10:00 Radiology for the Allergist. Justin Stowell, MD
11:00 Non-invasive Measures of Inflammation. Chitra Dinakar, MD

August 28 (Friday)
09:00 Evaluation of Chronic Cough. Alan Goldsobel, MD

August 31 (Monday)
10:00 Interpreting Flow Cytometry. James Verbsky, MD
11:00 Rhinitis. Mark Dykewicz, MD

September 4 (Friday)
10:00 Environmental Assessment and Interventions. Kevin Kennedy, MPH
11:00 Food Allergy. Wesley Burks, MD

September 7 (Monday) Labor Day- no conference.

September 11 (Friday)
10:00 Practical Aspects of Food Challenges. Maya Nanda, MD
11:00 Quality Improvement in Allergy. Mamta Reddy, MD

September 14 (Monday)
10:00 The story of IgE. P. Brock Williams, MD
11:00 Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Stephania Page, MD

September 18 (Friday)
10:00 Prescribing Immunotherapy: part 1. Jay Portnoy, MD
11:00 Evaluation of patients with recurrent infections. Anthony Bonilla, MD

September 21 (Monday) workshop- no conference

September 25 (Friday)
09:00 Safety Module for allergy programs. Paul Dowling, MD and Christopher Miller, MD

September 28 (Monday)
10:00 Prescribing immunotherapy, Part 2. Jay Portnoy, MD

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