Family Advisory Board Accomplishments
Family Advisory Board Accomplishments


  • Earned the prominent distinction of being a Profile of Change hospital by the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care
  • Recognized as one of the Caregiver Action Network’s “25 of the Nation’s Best Practices in Patient and Family Engagement”
  • Served as Patient Family Advisors on the ten Solutions for Patient Safety Hospital Acquired Conditions committees
  • Filmed video about patient and family engagement for international conference
  • Designed Clear Care Communication boards for inpatient rooms
  • Provided guidance for the Get Well Network content
  • Collaborated in the planning for a transition webpage and newsletter
  • Developed a series of Family Centered Care brochures
  • Created several educational videos including Service Excellence and Central Line Care
  • Participated in the Working Wonders video for Communications and Marketing
  • Served as Family Educators in the Family as Faculty program
  • Hosted an orientation luncheon for new residents
  • Presented at Discover Children’s Mercy for community leaders
  • Represented the parent perspective on numerous hospital committees and projects
  • Partnered with numerous community organizations
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  • Celebrated 10th anniversary of the Family Advisory Board
  • Served as Patient Family Advisors on the ten Ohio Collaborative Solutions for Patient Safety Hospital Acquired Conditions committees
  • Collaborated on construction of an Accessible Family Care Station for patients, families, employees, and guests
  • Developed guidelines for the new parent rooms on the inpatient units
  • Created orientation videos for the ICN and PICU
  • Participated in the appreciation video for the Adele Hall family
  • Served as Family Educators in the Family as Faculty program
  • Hosted an orientation luncheon for new residents
  • Filmed podcast on the benefits of partnering with Patient Family Advisors
  • Presented Ethics Brown Bag “This is Your Patient This is My Child”
  • Volunteered at Community Transition Resource Fair
  • Provided input on the design of the new hospital website
  • Reviewed programs and information aimed for patients and families
  • Partnered with numerous community organizations
  • Updated the FAB membership guidelines
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  • Collaborated on the development of Patient and Family Centered Care policy
  • Served as Patient Family Advisors on Ohio Children’s Hospitals Solution for Patient Safety committees
  • Created a Family Activated Rapid Response educational  video for families
  • Served as Family Educators in the Family as Faculty program
  • Provided education to PICU Staff, Respiratory Therapists, and Social Workers
  • Collaborated on Quality Improvement projects including discharge process, security check-in process, and cross continuum of care
  • Met with Magnet appraisers during on-site survey
  • Provided feedback on progress of Project Clinic Access
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  • Produced a Room Orientation video
  • Filmed video clips for Service Excellence training for all employees
  • Participated in Grand Rounds "For the Care and Consideration of our Patients with Special Needs and their Families"
  • Assisted with planning the Grandparents & Relative Caregiver's Conference
  • Reviewed Parental Presence policy & Patient Rights, Responsibilities, and Rules
  • Click to view the 2011 Annual Report


  • Participated as Family Educators in the Family As Faculty program
  • Provided input for facility design of new East Tower
  • Initiated My Child's Daily Meds list on inpatient units
  • Hosted luncheon with FAB and new residents
  • Initiated the development of the Turner Syndrome Clinic
  • Designed PICU Sibling Visitation Tip Cards
  • Click to view the 2010 Annual Report


  • Produced Family Message Video to be shown during all New Employee Orientations
  • Hosted Grand Rounds "What is Family-Centered Care...Let's Ask Our Families"
  • Participated in Grand Rounds "Procedural Sensitization and What We Can Do To Prevent It"
  • Assisted with planning Teen Conference and Grandparent's Conference
  • Click to view the  2009 Annual Report


  • Hired two FAB members as Family Centered Care Coordinators
  • Established Consejo de Familias Latinas/Hispanas - Spanish speaking Family Advisory Council
  • Assisted in planning Teen Conference, Grandparent's Conference, and Life After Treatment Conference
  • Translated "New Journeys" handbook into Spanish "Nuevos Caminos"
  • Created Family Notebooks for inclusion in Admission Packets
  • Click to view the  2008 Annual Report


  • Conducted Family Centered Care Assessment with staff, hospital leadership, and FAB
  • Participated on Ambulatory Access Committees
  • Participated on panel for UMKC Medical students
  • Collaborated with TAB and Child Life to present Teen Forum
  • Presented at Center for Practical Bioethics Conference
  • Click here to view the  2007 Annual Report


  • Hired FAB member as Family Centered Care Coordinator
  • Implemented hand washing initiative
  • Created venipuncture training module
  • Started New Beginnings program
  • Click to view the  2006 Annual Report


  • Participated on Grand Rounds panel discussion regarding family's experience with ill child or hospitalization
  • Presented Winning Communications to 333 staff members
  • Presented at IFFCC Conference
  • Presented at Child Health Corporation of America Conference
  • Presented at IHI Conference
  • Click to view the  2005 Annual Report


  • Held Book Drive and collected over 8,000 books
  • Presented at NACHRI
  • Click to view the  2004 Annual Report


  • Established Family Advisory Board (FAB)
  • Created FAB Guidelines
  • Developed FAB webpage for CMH website

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