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What to Bring

For all appointments and clinic visits, please bring:

  • Your wallet or purse, with:
    • A photo ID for all accompanying adults (anyone age 18 or older).
    • Your insurance or Medicaid card.
    • Your preferred payment method for your co-pay.

  • Important medical information, such as:
    • Your questions for the care provider.
    • Your child's medications, either in the original containers or a complete list of names and dosages.
    • Your child's immunization (shot) records.
    • Any recent lab tests, X-rays or other reports not done at Children's Mercy.

  • Legal documentation of guardianship if someone other than a parent is the guardian.

  • Comfort and care items (please make sure these are new or freshly washed/cleaned):
    • A few favorite toys, books or magazines.
    • A blanket or cuddly, soft toy.
    • For babies and toddlers: diapers, bottles/formula, pacifiers.

If you're coming for surgery, bring the items listed above, plus:

  • Freshly washed, comfortable clothes or pajamas for your child to wear before and after surgery.

  • Chargers for your electronic devices.

  • Small bills or change for vending machines (some accept credit/debit cards).

If you're staying overnight, bring the items on both lists above, plus:

  • Freshly washed clothing, pajamas and shoes for yourself and your child.

  • Toiletries and hair care items.

  • Glasses or contact lens supplies.