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Riding With the Transport Team

When you are sick or hurt, you may need to go to the hospital. The Transport Team is here to help you do this. The Transport Team is very friendly. It is OK to ask them any questions you may have about your ride.

Some children may ride in a ground ambulance, in a helicopter or in an airplane to the hospital.

The Transport Team will be by your side for the entire ride.

Some things to know about your ride:

  • Someone from your family may ride along with you, buckled safely in the front seat.

  • You will ride on a bed that has wheels.

  • You will wear a safety belt just your size to keep you safe.

  • You can take a toy or stuffed animal with you for the ride.

  • There are movies and an iPad that you can use during your ride.

When you get to your room at the hospital, you will have your own bed and there will be toys and
activities available to you.