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Transition Program Transition to Adulthood
Transition Program Transition to Adulthood

Children’s Mercy will help you prepare for adulthood, including transferring your medical care to a doctor that cares for adults. Most people can learn to manage their own health. It takes guidance from your medical team and support from the important people in your life.

What does this mean for you?

  • Around age 12, we will start talking with you about learning to manage your own health care.
  • By age 15, we want you to spend part of your clinic visit talking alone with your medical team.
  • At age 18, our goal is for you to be fully involved in your own health care.
  • By age 18-21, you will receive help to transition your care to a doctor outside of Children’s Mercy that treats adults.
  • The process may be a little different if you have special healthcare needs or an intellectual disability. 

Teen and Family Advisory Boards

Members of our Teen and Family Advisory Boards have helped us identify the information that will be most helpful to teens and their families.

Planning for Transition

You and your medical team will create a plan just for you. We will teach you about your health condition and give you information on other topics. We have identified the steps to help you start to manage your own health and tips to learn those skills.

Finding a Doctor

We will give you a written report during your last visit at Children’s Mercy, so you have the most important information to share with your new doctor. We will help you find doctors in the community that take care of adults with your medical condition. We will also give you a list of doctors that you might want to choose from and things to think about when choosing a new doctor. Learn more about finding an adult-care doctor.


We have information available on a variety of topics to help you with this process. Our goal is for you to leave Children’s Mercy with the skills you need to take control of medical and personal decisions. Check out more resources and tips to help with you transition.

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